The trunk with girls secrets. Or female bag is like important part of a perfect look

VOVK gives the recomendations: what you should to know to make a choice for this accessory
2017/01/17 17:52:47
There is an opinion, only two things can show a fashion sense. These two things are shoes and bag. Well, I don’t disagree. It’s the 21st century and the diversity of female bags has never been so saturated.  But, it doesn’t mean at everybody always are able to choose successfully a bag for the specific look.  

Report-list. The renewed VOVK studio in Kyiv

How VOVK studio at Lva Tolstogo sq. has changed
2017/01/16 18:05:53
While you were skiing and spending Christmas holiday with your friends, VOVK worked actively for the presentation of new format of studio in Kyiv. So, we’re showing You the report with interesting facts about renewed studio, located at 1 Lva Tolstogo sq.

#VOVKLOOK 2016. You are our inspiration!

Let's remember with us the dresses, pants, skirts, which presented You for us:)
2017/01/12 14:41:29
How quickly this year has finished! We've done a lot of things and so many things yet to come… You're our inspiration! You have been making us happy and inspiring by Your vovklooks for the whole year. We'd like to remember all your happy moments, which must be shared with all world ;) We can't help feeling happy! Let's remember with us the dresses, pants, skirts, which presented You for us :)

Bonjour Lamour the memory for whole life

Eurotrip by VOVK: the impressions of the happy owner of a prize
2017/01/04 18:34:04
The dreams come true! VOVK has just proved it. The pride goes off-scale from the fact that we gave the amazing impressions for whole life for one of our clients. Tatyana Moshel – the happy owner of prize from VOVK, which was gaven at very special day – 8th of March. What is a present, which leaves imprint in the memory for a long time? Well, are You ready? ...

The results of a crazy 2016 year or how it was

VOVK shares by achievements of outgoing year. We have what to tell about.
2016/12/30 19:09:49
There are a few minutes for the chiming clock. Each of us waits the approaching of holiday with trepidation and joyfulness. We all have dreams about the most desired secret which must be realized in the New Year. On the one hand, it’s sad to let go 2016 year, and on the other - there are still so many plans that need to be done. We have analyzed our achievements, mistakes, ups and downs for make conclusions, page through another one of life and begin to write a new.

The old and kind movies for celebration mood

The compilation of unusual New Years movies for family viewing
2016/12/29 13:16:28
Everybody tries to maximally create a holiday mood at New Year period. It can be a walking across snowing streets with lots of stores and bright lights, or walking with friends, skating, photosets close to central New Year’s tree. But viewing New Year movies with glass of medium-dry vine nobody delays…

We have made a compilation of kind movies, which viewing will elate you and give a sense of celebration.

How to make a surprise. Or variants of presents to New Year

We have some ideas for presents to New Year
2016/12/28 17:20:49
Just a few days before the New Year, and you have been collecting the ideas of interesting presents? We’re confident that variants of New Year’s surprises by VOVK will be useful for you. As children, as adults love and wait the New Year. Agree, it’s easier to make a present for children, because every child with great zeal uses up a sheet of paper, addressed to generous Santa.

Be a special girl at the New Year's Eve

VOVK has some advices about outfits for perfect look creation
2016/12/28 17:30:11
What to put on? The question, which worries every girl. At early morning the prettier half of humanity has doubts about outfit for future meeting, party or date. What we can say about the pre-holiday fuss! This is the case when the question about meal for New Year's Eve diner becomes less relevant as the question of outfit choosing. VOVK decided to help all girls in holiday party look. Well, let's go!

Hello, Khmelnicky! One more dream-studio, named VOVK

The 16th VOVK clothing studio! The brand made an amazing present in the eve of New Year for Khmelnicky citizens
2016/12/20 17:09:17
It’s not a secret at all, every opening of VOVK clothing studio – a great event, what is said about by lots of citizens. We’re glad to inform, now you all have an opportunity to buy the outfit for Ney Year holiday in new clothing studio in Khmelnicky. We turned on one more star named VOVK in this beautiful city.

Poltava and Odessa. The faerie and memorable extension of VOVK studios

VOVK clothing studios became bigger in both this cities
2016/12/19 10:41:16
How it’s cool to have an opportunity to walk in the beautiful city on Saturday mornings, listen to the wind noise, breathe fresh air, charged by beautiful emotions, and then, inspired come to the updated and cozy VOVK studio and try the stylish and high-quality outfits. Well, you see, this is an excellent prospect.
Well, drumroll ... Here we go!

#vovklook at the turn of seasons better moments of autumn from our fashionistas!

The weather gives inspiration, a special mood, and even without any occasion - its necessary to save the look. Tamp the results of November vovklook!
2016/12/14 18:22:46
The woman is like nature – creator of magical, amazing pictures on pleasant cotton, wool or viscose, where every single line, form, and shade looks like a full-fledged masterpiece. Yes, we are little aesthetes, connoisseurs of live emotion, an outdoor club of people with taste and together it is not that other, as the most stylish of the hash tags - #vovklook back with new names of winners. There was named the best clothing brand in Ukraine

VOVK is the first Ukrainian clothing brand which won in the "National manufacturer of clothing for women" nomination.
2016/12/14 13:19:46
The XVI ceremony of awarding the winners of the International Festival Competition "Choice of the Year 2016" in Ukraine took place in the InterContinental Kiev 10th of December. This event is a significant for young but already got stronger Ukrainian brand VOVK. VOVK - the first Ukrainian clothing brand, which won in the "National manufacturer of clothing for women" nomination.

VOVK became a winner in nomination National manufacturer of women's clothes of the year according to International competition Choice of the year 2016

VOVK set a high bar in Ukrainian retail in this year, so in the next , surpassing manufacturers who have many -year experience. In the following year all have to do impossible, but weve already know how to conquer the summit.
2016/12/13 11:31:50
We always share by the news, fashion trend with you and today we have very cool occasion to tell you gratitude for your love and acceptance! It’s difficult and at the same time pleasant to believe in this fairytale! The XVI  ceremony of awarding the winners of the international competition "Choice of the Year" in 2016 took place on 10 th of December, and VOVK is recognized as brand 1 in the "National manufacturer of clothing for women" nomination!

Pret-a-porter like brave step in fashion history

Pret-a-porter How it sounds beautiful this small, but having own history collocation. But at first, lets know out what is it and what its combined with?
2016/12/08 17:56:27
Pret-a-porter (from French «ready for wearing») – collection of clothes by famous designers or fashion Houses, which destined for mass. In other words, it’s a replicate exclusive clothes idea which is simplified.  But at the same time, the outfit must be qualitative and perfect.

Cofounder of VOVK brand: Shopping mall owners dont believe in stable work of Ukrainian brands

Co-founder of VOVK clothing studios networks Tatyana Semenchenko tells about first steps of own business, success receipt, rules of effective staff creating and troubles in partnership with shopping malls
2016/12/01 14:26:06
VOVK brand has opened 15th clothing studio in French boulevard shopping mall in November 2016.

The owner of the studio network is proud about the agreement and share by positive emotions because the company got one of the best trade places in the mall.  According to her, lots of experts and mass media think, that VOVK is 1 among Ukrainian brands in terms of growth and customer trust.

In this article you will know about the history of VOVK company, how to teach an effective professional staff, what should be merchandising and why Turkish brands prevail over Ukrainian even in the biggest shopping mall of West Ukraine. RAU has spoken with the founder of VOVK clothing network studio Tatyana Semenchenko. VOVK became a member of Ukrainian Retail Association

VOVK clothes studios network joined the Association of retail market players
2016/12/01 13:37:55
According to opinion of many experts, VOVK — 1 among young clothing brands in terms of customer growth and trust. This company has already opened studios in Kyiv, Lviv, Ternopil, Polrava, Kryvyi Rih, Odessa, Dnipro, Kharkiv and Vinnitsa for 4,5 years. Also, there is planed new clothing studio ...

Streetstyle November 2016

Were sharing by the interesting street look ideas with you!
2016/11/30 18:30:23
Maybe every girl, who strives to look originally, wish bought a coat, which would be warm and stylish at the same time. We’re sharing by the interesting street look ideas with you! Well, street style clothes, firstly, is different by free choice, so you could experiment with your look as you want. When we talk about colour palette, the most actual are available white, pink, grey and brown shades in clothes.

VOVK arithmetic: Changing the order of the footwear does not change the look the universality, which is available for everyone

The golden mean in the clothes its not a myth, its an ability to think about future future months, seasons. For example
2016/11/28 13:46:31
A lot of girl have dilemma: to wear “narrowed” high heels or choose more comfortable and casual kinds of footwear like moccasins or slip-ons. These pencil-skirts will help you to get rid of this trouble. Really, stop to exhaust yourself by daily puzzles "what to wear today?"

Fashion books that changed the world

Hi, pretty girls! Do you remember when it was the last time you have read the book returning from work, holiday or from trip? Which one?
2016/11/25 11:17:26
In the era of social networks, it seems enough to read in the news excerpts of quotations from books by Paulo Coelho, Remarque or other "fashionable" authors and consider yourself an advanced lover of good reading material. Stop lie to yourself! Nothing never be compared with reading of real book: almond - tart smell, special texture of each page – it remains unchanged and in demand, even among teenagers. And to make you more excited, in this article we will consider fashion bestsellers, after reading you will know out the course of the fashion history, life of style icons, how did global brands go through difficulties to reach a success and a lot more interesting facts. Maybe, one of these books will decorate your bookcase shelf soon, but you definitely buy new dress with VOVK.

Winter coat by VOVK : 7 reasons why padded coats should be retired

The technologies, as we, dont stay, thats because on the eve of winter we tell You about one very stylish and practical way how to ignore coldness!
2016/11/24 09:47:13
When negative temperature appears on column of the thermometer, nobody can convince us padded coat, sintepon jacket or sheepskin coat have alternatives. More people even are ready to accept a heavy weight of the last one and distent forms all along of it’s hard to immediately recognize a feminine silhouette in crowd. This all because of stereotypes, but as we know VOVK is myth busters…
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