The delicate matter: tight’s kingdom

There are so many types of tights. But remember – the main thing is not to get lost in these colours and kinds.
2017/02/23 13:43:16
There is a puzzle: it used to be worn under pants, the colours were universal, but since 60s everything was changed. Do you guess? The answer is simple: tights. Now they are the full-fledged player in the fashion world, and I’d like to tell about it more detail.

Figure me out by hair clip

The spring is soon, and the spring - is a time to love, to create, to bright
2017/02/21 17:50:04
I'm positive, there isn't any girl, who doesn't use the clips to complete her own look. Some times ago the clips couldn't broast by the diversity. There isn't details, interesting design... But in nowadays this accessory is indispensible in a daily life and decorates the heads of the first ladies.

My comfort, my jumpsuit

Jumpsuit – it’s not only fashionable, but also comfortable
2017/02/21 10:39:14
Just think, one thing - but how much comfort! Having bought jumpsuit, you kill two birds at once, because it will replace as pants as skirts with shirts and give your image a novelty. Jumpsuit - little need in the wardrobe. The world designers didn’t ignore this versatile clothes - virtually every brand introduced its variation about jumpsuit. I’ll tell you a secret, jumpsuit has become like a drug for democratic and expensive brands. As we see, it’s useful clothes! But the answer “With what it can be combined” stays be actual.

Skirt or stylish pants? Or, maybe, skirt-pants?

You haven't chosen yet - skirt or pants, it's time for culottes
2017/02/21 10:17:56
Not everybody can immediately make up his mind and recharge the wardrobe by these pants, but there are a lot of guys who have been dreaming about them. It's hybrid of the skirt and wide shortened pants, culottes. I'd clearly show, to clarify the situation.

Own burden isn’t heavy

Why not to fresh the look by a little rucksack?
2017/02/20 09:53:43
Now rucksacks replace bags and clutches. You can meet any girl wearing this comfortable accessory anywhere: at the cafe, at the office, at the plane, at the exhibition and even at the theatre (but it needs to be elegant). Of course, sometimes it’s difficult to recognize the lovely rucksack in some products, but it’s nothing, put on sunglasses, turn on the fantasy – and explore this fashion miracle, evil of all schoolchildren.

Bye, hat. 5 ideas of hairstyles for stylish dress and sport suit

About combining clothes - talked, about footwear - talked, where to buy - talked, there is only find out what to do with hair - well, of course, not to cut them
2017/02/20 09:34:00
Let’s recall long-standing problem. I mean daily hairstyle. Let’s talk about stylish, trend and easy. So, here we go.

How the stylish sundress can help to save your money

The 2017 trend – sundress not only will let you create different looks, moreover, it will help you to save money decently
2017/02/17 17:27:39
Is it possible to combine sundress with pants? Most likely, no. But how about blouses, T-shirts, tops and sweaters? I have no doubts it will help you to change your imagination to the better side. Let's sort out how to make them friends.

How to stand out without even half trying

You would like to look not most people - you must join normcore team
2017/02/16 15:55:07
It's a new hype to look as the person from the subway. You can ask, who is it? It's very easy. The matter is, the fashion had been created new styles, news in beauty field for a long time, and we used to fall into it and tried to navigate to fashion direction. But times have changed, and now it's a time to blend in because it's at the peak of the popularity.

The Ukrainian embroidered shirt – it`s not a fashion new, it has been a world trend

Our national attribute has garnered of devoted girls around the world. And how not to proud
2017/02/16 10:44:20
The national clothes have held the pride place in hearts of Ukrainian people. In particularly we mean the embroidered shirt. I'm sure you agree with this statement, it has been a trend already, which another people in the world try to inherit. Even The New York Times has called the Ukrainian embroidered shirt a trend of the 2016 th year. And it's not a joke. The Ukrainian diaspora is really cool.

The main - the suit fits to you

It's your choice to be elegant or spectacular, but remember one thing: you're beautiful in any clothes because you're unique and unforgettable.
2017/02/15 18:21:34
You can hate suits or say girl must look as a girl: airy dress, elegant shoes and all inherent feminine. I'll try to mix both of these points and show, that this man's wardrobe attribute is able to emphasize the woman beauty.

The womens boots, which came from man`s wardrobe

Chealse - it`s not only name of the football club. It`s footwear trend 2017
2017/02/15 10:55:03
The elegant dress and «man's footwear is clearly contradictory, but 100 % cool variant. I propose you to ensure in it together. Let's talk how incongruous clothes can harmonize together in one look. For example, now the airy dresses with moderately rough footwear are very popular. It sounds hopeful, but if we imagine or better try on, it will be a pleasant surprise for us.

The ode: we are not ourselves without you

You are cheerleaders and we're so much grateful for it. You keep insiping us for new achievements
2017/02/14 13:16:18
"Love - is the best feeling and the most necessary." Nobody can live without it, as such love is the endorphins of happiness. You are the endorphins for VOVK. I've decided to rephrase these beautiful words and show you are amazing and how you make VOVK team happy.

It’s time to love and be creative

The main accent - beautiful dress and Valentine card in clutch
2017/02/13 18:40:27
The 14th of February - the cutest holiday. Despite, in Germany, it’s a day of persons with mental disabilities. We, girls, want to be loved and tender in this day to blow the boyfriend’s mind. How to do it? VOVK VOVK knows it and will help in this question – it’s our advantage!

"Wow" look! The Lords of our admiring

Th estory about January VOVKLOOK winners
2017/02/13 18:04:57
You must be a woman to complain a woman. Time almost was gone, but you inspire us more and more, as Margarite her Master.
The square print will never be out of fashion. It's like Chanel №5 - the classic, which will live forever. Everybody likes it but only some people can dress it. This squares "special mission unit" has puzzled girls for more times. But, really, it's one of the best what the fashion presets us.
I've decided to resolve this question and show a beauty and power which squares print has.

«Up to the neck: sweater - the warm love»

Hurry up for the lovely sweater, because this trend is always actual. And how to combine it, I'm sure, you'll think out!
2017/02/10 10:41:51
Only coffee and warm sweater can save you in this cold weather. You want to dress it and never leave. But how to choose the right one, and not to be like Franken Bock? Will deal with it right now

Noble and tart. The outfits in Marsala colours

The clothes in dizzying wine colour as the stable trend not the first season
2017/02/09 15:34:22
The colour that has captivated the heart not one girl. No wonder why it is called wine. Rich, deep, noble. This shade, in spite of the intensity, is extremely versatile, that’s because it’s suitable for each appearance colour type.

The long luxury : maxi dress

In brief - not always stylishly. How to wear maxi dress in daily life
2017/02/09 15:22:23
How to choose a maxi dress, in order to it will not overshadowed its owner for its wealth of decoration, ruche and prints. Nevertheless for this outfit it requires twice tissue than for normal. Accordingly, it is not necessary to go too far. Perhaps this is the case when the restraint is more than appropriate.

Mum, I fell in love!

Love at the first sight: scarpin shoes
2017/02/07 10:54:15
Every girl knows, that the lucky shoes purchasing are able to resolve many problems. At first, you buy a dress, and then you run in a hurry to find the suitable footwear for it - it's a feminine tradition.

Happy Birthday, VOVK

The first our jubilee. Our pretty big Birthday
2017/02/02 19:40:18
So! It takes our breath away, the voice shakes, and all make us want to cry. You could ask why? Well, our baby is already 5 years old. We’re so much glad by its behaviour, achievements, growth in 16 studios and social health. What else do the «parents» need?
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