The dresses for all occasions

The dresses, which you must have in your wardrobe
2017/06/22 17:28:48
Everybody would like to look beautiful and be fancy. But it can often happens, one dress can be inappropriate. To avoid it, let's deal with the following moments: which dresses should be chosen and how they can emphasize our beauty and figure.

Young generation

The girls, who conquered all the world
2017/06/21 12:41:01
These girls conquer the fashion industry at the speed of light. They're the favourites of the famous designers, their posts have millions of likes, they know, how to attract attention, and, we have to make an acquaintance with them now!

Style creating: the world celebrities dress mass-market

Why all people dress the mass-market and what the reason
2017/06/21 11:33:37
The trends change at the speed of light, the fashionable clothes lose the actuality in a matter of weeks. The protest against the fast fashion turned into the absolutely opposite result – «normcore» style, whose followers (including the celebrities) «stand out, without exerting oneself». I've chosen 4 women, who prefer the democratic brands, and the saved money they spend on happiness.

Preppy style

How to wear a preppy style? Follow the rules by VOVK
2017/06/15 14:57:51
The preppy style has become popular in 1980 and in 2017 consolidated its position thanks to Gant, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste and Ralph Lauren.  Shift-polo, jacket with the college emblem and straight pants - it's the main element of this style. Now preppy is becoming a classic. Let's find out how to wear and use this style.

Fashion-vocabulary by VOVK

Words, which must know everybody
2017/06/15 13:55:45
I often force myself to a thought, the fashion world «is saturated» with the unknown.  My friend said me, she had bought a bateau, I browse in hurry to find out what does it mean. Well, I hope, this fashion-vocabulary will be interesting and useful as for me as for you!

The 21st studio in the VOVK family

The opening of the 21st studio in Lutsk - read and watch how it was
2017/06/13 17:34:44
It's always scary to open new studio in the new region - worries, thoughts, but when we hear the words: " We have been waiting for VOVK studio in Lutsk",you inderstand, everything wasn't for nothing.

The most fashionable outfits of Melania Trump

Style and dresses of Melania Trump
2017/06/13 17:23:43
All the world observes the style of Melania Trump. This woman knows perfectly what and how to put on and looks always amazing!

It is dedicated to the perfect mood creator

Congratulations to the VOVK co-owner, Tatyana Semenchenko
2017/06/13 16:38:42
It's funny to understand, that you're alive. All, from head to toe. Really!

Cactus clothes

The advantageous replacement. Cactus - trend of this summer
2017/06/08 11:13:24
Prickly, green, but very fashionable! Today the prints are conquering the T-shirts. They can be with the name of the favourite music bands, with portret of Marilyn Monroe and, of course, with cactus print. Madagascar, wait, the cacrus are now our! We'd like to show you which brands use this print and how to put it on.

The May VOVKLOOK results

Please welcome the winners of the regular competition VOVKLOOK
2017/06/06 17:56:25
The artist - it's not a person, who inspired by, it's a person, who inspires. You inspire us for creating of new looks. Every month is a torture. All your pics in VOVK outfits are so beautiful, so we got lost in the beauty abundance in our Instagram page. But we have empowered ourselves and chosen the most beautiful. Please welcome:

Disney style

The heroes, who come to life through the images
2017/06/06 17:48:58
You remember our article about the style of Beauty? We decide to write about Disney heroes and their outfits. It will be interesting because VOVK has the same clothes. So, let's go!

Top-5 unboring striped clothes

It is a time to diversify the days by the bright stripes
2017/06/06 17:11:58
Everybody knows the stripes have captured the summer. You can ask, why? Because the strip can supplement perfect the summer themes in the outfits, make it more interesting, and at the same time, practical. Today we're going to tell you about the top-5 striped outfits for this summer. Let's go.

The commercial near by the scandal

The most scandal commercial of the most famous brands in this article
2017/06/01 16:37:25
The commercial to a fault let customers go beyond a usual, calm life. The companies spend billions for a commercial, making happier the PR agents. Today we're talking about the most scandalous campaigns, which turned our lives upside down.

Only flounces: how to wear the clothes with this decoration

Decorate your clothes by flounces and become a star of this summer
2017/06/01 15:02:04
The flounced clothes has conquered the "fashion Olympus". Why? Because of this magnificence was made from the pleasant material, which is especially actual in this summer. It will bright up any girl. But there are different nuances, which we are going to tell about. Let's go!

Be like Carrie Bradshaw in dresses by VOVK

The style of one of the most popular women. We have made a selection of best dresses of Carrie. Inspire
2017/05/30 19:25:33
Everybody will remember Sarah Jessica Parker thanks to her ironic hero - journalist Carrie Bradshaw, who was in love with New York and footwear. The psychology is simple: «It will better to buy the new shoes by Jimmy Choo, then pay for a flat». Although I'd buy a new dress, it's more practical)

How dress became a spory

The sport dress is your salvation for this summer
2017/05/30 12:00:22
Today you can't meet any girl, who never puts on the dress. Somebody puts the dress on every day, and somebody - me. I have been looking for the best, ideal dress for a long time. But today will everything change, as we're going to tell about knitted, sporty dress, which looks stylish and emphasizes the figure. Let's start!

Top-10 Jennifer Aniston's fancy dresses

The diverse of fancy dresses, the experiments and how to supplement unobtrusively the look
2017/05/26 11:46:57
We love her thanks to the popular serial «Friends». The stylish actress rarely puts on the fancy dresses in the daily life, but at the secular events, party and premiers … hang on, it's perfect.

Kate Middleton beige dress like an object of admiration

The wedding photo is impressive thanks to the bride`s outfit and tender beige dress of her sister
2017/05/24 17:44:59
Today all world is discussing the event, connected with Duchess Kate Middleton - her sister’s wedding, which, you must admit, was gorgeous. There were the cutest pics with the little girls -princesses, accompanying the bride, in the Instagram of all girls, who dream of an ideal wedding. We’d like to talk about a perfect look of Duchess, who put on the beige midi dress with the semi-circle skirt and lovely V-neckline.

The long dress of pregnant Beyonce

Everybody discusses this long dress, because it is beautiful and that's that
2017/05/23 13:24:56
To have a party in honor unborn child – it's a real American style. So Beyonce has had a party Baby Shower some days before her children birth. It was funny. But, I propose to talk about a luxury long dress of singer, which she put on for holiday.

The beautiful dress and the stylish foot wear - a perfect tandem for a summer

It is a time to add loafers shoes and creepers to your stylish dress in the wardrobe
2017/05/23 12:36:14
The summer is very soon, and this fairy season gives us a possibility to put on the lovely dress orstylish T-shirt and «walk» sneakers. Today we're going to talk about the footwear and how how is called. It will be like a mini-lesson. Are you ready? Of course, yes.
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