It's time for jazz and glamour. The stylish dresses and vintage Chanel jewellery in the «Café Society» movie by Vudi Alen

The luxury diamonds and elegant dresses Channel don't exist separately. The movie by Vudi Alen will help you sure in it.
2017/04/26 16:20:26
Let's be ready to watch the stylish dresses because now we're going to tell about the Hollywood in the 30th. The 47-th movie of Vudi Alen, which he has started to create in the summer 2015 and finished in the beginning of 2016, can be called a masterpiece. This movie left a lasting impression for everybody. This movie is unforgettable thanks to Coco Channel - it's about Channel epoch.

Women's wardrobe. What to dress this summer?

What to dress this summer? Let's deal with it!
2017/04/26 11:19:12
Хэй, girls, there is the most magical season – summer, and everybody would like to look as femininity as beautiful at the same time. We always search where to buy summer dresses, how to wear them right, but let's deal with - what is the stylish clothes and how to put on these stylish clothes correctly? And today we're going to tell not only about dresses - about basic wardrobe. Are you ready? So let's go!

What do the girls browse in the Google

The most requested questions in the Google
2017/04/14 13:05:33
Could you imagine your life without World Wide Web? I'm personally - no. I have had an experiment, which was called «A day without gadget», and it had been lasting. Everybody has said to me: «You're – dependent!» Yes, I am! Applause! But exactly thanks to Google we can visit a website and buy a dress, find out about new trends or about star's life. And I'm going to tell you about the most popular questions in Google. Are you ready? Let's go!
What do you feel, when your dream comes true? Crying from happiness, make the next wish or, like we, never give up and reach for the next dream?

On your mark, get set … Stop. The trainers and dress – it isn’t a sport

How the sport footwear can disappear into the classic
2017/04/10 10:59:59
If the pants with the trainers - it's normal, then the trainers with the dresses or skirts – unknow. Let's try to understand, what kind of skirts can be worn with the traditional neat trainers. About the length, the midi skirt is a more suitable variant. Why? I made a conclusion thanks to my observation, it's like in the Math. For example, the semi-circle skirt thanks to its length adds femininity, the trainers add some sport, and as the result - your look is more sexual. We could develop a theory :). But that's further, and now let's consider about a pencil skirt.

Sport cheers from VOVK

We should do some workout before conquering the new day in the stylish dress. For the better effect
2017/04/07 12:52:11
Well, I announce the sporting challenge. You don’t have to take pictures and share them on the Instagram, just spend 10 minutes for exercise in the morning. I can’t guarantee a thousand likes, but a six-pack of abs - absolutely. And remember the morning workout – key to perfect mood and ideal dress. Let’s deal with the fact, how at a minimal time receive the maximum effect. VOVK: how ambitions grow into the studios

VOVK proves, impossible is possible, brand - on the top of the confession
2017/04/06 11:30:24
Everybody wants to be useful, and the brand isn't a exception. They careffuly work for the products and for the name. They satisfies any need. VOVK satisfies the needs in perfect mood and unique clothes.

The beautiful spring brought new winners

We announce the winners of march 2017 vovklook competition
2017/04/06 11:20:09
So, gorgeous, it's the moment, to announce new winners!

There is one sandbox, but a lot of toys

How to do a makeup? Then look at guys-bloggers
2017/04/06 11:01:16
The women improve, they can manage the factories, reach for space, return safely and be not worse men, fixing the faucet. Well, there is one trend: the women and men change by their roles. Women are strong and independent. And one more stab in the back: they laid eyes on the holy of holies of – cosmetics. Where is the inquisition? На костер!!!

Stylish camping. All matter is in the square print shirt

How to spend the night in the tent – which outfit should choose for evening conversation around of the bonfire nearby the mountain river
2017/04/04 17:36:40
It seems to me, even the most enthusiastic homeboys want to pick the backpack and go for camping when spring arrives. To meet the sunrise at the top of slope with lake view – it’s priceless. And there are people, who live in the tents, changing the locations every month. Eh, pick me with you please…

Kate Middleton style. What kind of dresses the duchess prefers

If there is a risk to marry a prince, VOVK will take advises about the correct dresses for your wardrobe
2017/04/04 13:47:20
Just imagine it’s your destiny to get married to the successor of the throne. I don’t know how about you, but I’d be in hurry to buy a new dress. Hm, no. For dozens of new dresses. The situation requires. And Kate Middleton was in hurry. And today we can observe her style evolution, since 2010, when the arrangement date was announced.

When the picture comes to life

Meet the spring in the beautiful sweatshirt by VOVK
2017/04/04 13:40:32
Do you believe in fairy tales? In good fairy tales, which now is not enough? We - believe, and we want to tell you our fairy tale about how our postcard revived and embodied in a sweatshirt, as tender as spring itself.

World mainstream

The most beautiful Instagram account
2017/04/03 18:11:44
To take pictures, which will conquer the National Geographic Traveler, Instagram and will find the fans, who will repeat every composition? Yes, he did it… The incredible Dagestan photographer has become famous thanks to the photoset «Follow me» to the entire planet and prove, everything comes true.  The main thingе – to believ in your idea.

Learning from men

April Fool's Day is past and gone, Your 're the fool and I am none
2017/04/03 15:12:59
Ironically, we can learn something from the men. And I don’t mean, how to throw socks in the right place, I’ll tell about the more important things. For example, they manage to wash the head not often as we.  And they have only several cosmetic products for the morning procedure, at that time our bath shelves, bend because of the abundance. How much time we can save! And the most important – budjet. Let me introduce the guru, who will help us in our uneasy «woman destini»!

I will weave the ribbon in my hair. Supplement the airy dress by cute details

More feminine and more sophisticated than before. And all secret is in ribbon
2017/04/03 11:12:46
There is the most easy and not less successful than shpes with socks, as for me, within a hundred forecasts for 2017 year – the ribbon in the hair. The ancient Fashion returns for a number of variants. And we'll look which variants.
2017/04/01 15:55:40
The 1st April day has given a holiday with truly happiness ad jokes, and with grand shopping holiday. The second studio in Ternopil and the 19th studio in Ukraine at your service!

Task for the month: - 5 habits, which prevent our skin to be elastic

If our skin will be bright, the dress will look different
2017/03/30 15:53:02
As we know, the habit has a force. And if this habit is destructive, we can compare it with the volcanic eruption, whom lava consumes everything in its path. If you put your mind to it, won’t be lazy, you will be able to correct everything. Well, 5 (of a thousand) habits, which will seem well-known. But, girls, muster up courage and get rid of these pests.  The reward – beautiful skin and a perfect feeling.

Ladies X. Or how to choose the correct dress for a hourglass figure

Wrap dresses, skirt-trapeze and another different clothes, which were created for girls with X figure type
2017/03/30 11:28:00
The lady with an ideal figure type sounds better than with hourglass figure. It seems, that it's easier for them to chose the right outfits, but a lot of them make a lot of mistakes. As the mistakes exist in order to correct them, we will deal with this problem and will understand how to dress this interesting and beautiful type of figure.

Think like a girl

The girl's secrets: dress or skirt? Gamburger or light cola? That is the question)
2017/03/30 10:36:02
Hey, gorgeous, today is the day when it will not be about the boys (as you have already become accustomed to), but about the girls, we will talk about the girl's thinks. i won't give up somebody, I make you closer to Liam Hemsworth (she has to know how to make an acquaintance with you). Let's go.

With a light touch of Marie Kurie

The beautiful beret - a small necessity
2017/03/29 17:06:29
A lot of people associate the beret with the style like «my grandma», with the ponpon - not with the beautiful accessory.  Let’s ruin the myths and show, why the beret has become the star of the wardrobe of fashionistas from all the world.
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