The Searing mix: older couples we should be looking up to

The couples, who have proved, after 70 y.o. life is just beginning
2017/08/02 12:43:18
Love is a reality, - our heroes prove it. Now the cute photos in the Instagram by the older couples become more popular. They show the age isn't a barrier to love and enjoy the life. Are you ready? Let us introduce them!
2017/07/31 16:43:40
You have already known the normcore style, where the girls prefer the brightness and uniqueness. It's time to get acquainted with the «heritage» style.

The interesting facts about fashion

The interesting facts about fashion, details and events
2017/07/31 15:14:30
It's not enough to love the fashion - we need to know it. That's why we propose to find out the interesting facts about fashion, clothes and fashion events.

What plus-size girls should wear

The outfits, which will make your wardrobe different
2017/07/31 13:23:43
They say: "First impressions are most lasting, a good dress is a card of invitation". It's proven! So every girl must look incredible in any situation regardless of the figure.
2017/07/31 11:12:45
We've told more than once how VOVK company was established, but we've never told about the man, who became our support, our mood and our adviser.

The girl from Wall Street

How to dress the striped suit
2017/07/21 14:00:57
We, girls, often spend a lot of money for the unnecessary purchases and prove ourselves, that we can't live without these clothes. And then we guess how to mix the purchased clothes. Remember Carrie Bradshaw, who has bought a million of shoes, and after said she had nowhere to live. Hold on the following rule: «To be saved from the wrong purchasing, make a... different purchase! But only right». And this right purchasing – striped pant suit.
2017/07/20 14:49:06
The black colour never goes out of style. It impresses by its universality and beauty. "The black style" is popular within Parisian and New Yorkers. Remember Coco Chanel with her legendary phrase: “Women think of all colours except the absence of colour. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is a perfect harmony.” Let's find out how to dress the black colour!

What does happen with the British Vogue?

Would dissapear the main magazine of the modernity
2017/07/20 12:55:37
It's not a secret for anybody, Vogue empire - is the most powerful platform. People derive the inspiration, new ideas for new look creation, and at the same time the famous brands dream about the commercial in this magazine. Yes, Vogue – is a "fashion Bible"! But sometimes even these giants make mistakes. And today we're going to talk about it!

Top 5 plus-sized models

The models, who have conquered the famous designers and become popular thanks to their shapes
2017/07/20 11:22:41
We used to consider, that the models must be thin, with ideal figures. But these models have turned our mind and the world generally because they have…incredible forms! Today we’re going to introduce the plus size models to you...

The tendetions, which will be popular in 2018 th

The most popular tendetions in the women
2017/07/14 18:39:49
Today we'd like to talk about popular trends, details, prints in the women's clothes. They're basic clothes, which must be in your wardrobe.

The brands and the environmental protection

They are against the natural fur and use only natural fabrics. The brands and designers who protect the nature
2017/07/13 15:02:24
Today a lot of famous trade marks refuse to use the fur, use only natural fabrics and send millions of dollars to the poorest countries for helping in environmental protection. We're going to tell about these brands and designers, who care about the environment.

Top-5 books about fashion

The books, which are worth reading
2017/07/12 14:25:52
"The limits of my language are the limits of my mind", - is a popular and actual statement (thanks to the Australian philosopher). In other words: reading – your business card, and fashion is not an exception.

Learn with VOVK: for the record

The words, which we have to know
2017/07/10 13:38:46
Today the amount of the strange words are off the charts. That's why pick the cookies, study and write down)

The secrets of the stylish mums

How to look beautiful, having a small child?
2017/07/10 11:26:54
The birth of a child – is the most important occasion in the women's life. And every woman would like to look beautiful, and after the birth especially. Today we've prepared a little course about: "What to do and what to dress to look always beautiful".

The June vovklook competition results

We announce the winners of June 2017 vovklook competition
2017/07/10 11:02:39
Hi, dear summer! We love you so much, for our night walking, for the summer playlist, for the light dresses and for our VOVKLOOK.

A cheat sheet: what to dress this summer

A little bit about the fashion styles and how not to get lost in them
2017/07/10 10:44:20
Everybody would like to have a little instruction about the fashion styles, which will help to understand what to dress and when. So, we've decided to create the cheat sheet, it will be useful for you!

The stars wardrobe by the stylists

The popular stylists who dress the stars
2017/07/06 12:41:48
You still think, Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner dress by themselves? Emm, they dress, but through the efforts of … Meet!

The romantic clothing style: introdution to the wardrobe

How the romantism influenced the women's wardrobe
2017/07/06 11:11:11
The romanticism epoch was always the bright in the fashion. But what are literary figures works – Byron, Stendhal, Edgar Poe, Hector Hugo… But today we're going to tell not about the greatest poets, today we're going to tell about the romanticism in the fashion.
2017/07/04 11:02:30
It's a time to add some colours to your daily look! It's the firs post about the daily look for this summer, and you will find out how we imagine it.

The gold mark in VOVK hands

VOVK's rewarding
2017/07/04 10:26:13
Everything happens spontaneously in the life, you don't wait for something, but it happens, repeats and becomes a pattern. VOVK have recently deservedly recieved the «Golden symbol of the quality of national products and services of Ukraine». The brand's founders, Tatyana Semenchenko and Vitaly Semenchenko, were awarded an honorary «The best heads of the year», and three staff members, who are the heart of our team, were awarded the honorary diplomas.
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