Very soon VOVK will celebrate the 5th Birthday!

Very soon VOVK will celebrate the 5th Birthday!
At the first serious anniversary we would like to make something interesting and unusual...

And we'll start by lottery of the whole suitcase with clothes by VOVK.

Everybody, who made a purchasing with bill 1000 UAH and over has an opportunity to take part in this action. Make shopping with VOVK, fill out the application and drop it in the magical box, which is in every our studio (if you make an online-order, our consultants will create the application for you).

The promotion is valid from 09.01.17 to 30.01.17

And the lottery of the main present will be placed in Kiev, on the day of the fifth anniversary - the 1st of February. The independent expert using lottotron will determine the lucky winner. You have less time. Hurry up! You must take this chance from VOVK.

Not long ago we've made happy one of our clients and presented for her an incredible traveling to Germany and Paris! Read more in our blog.

Well, we promise you an unforgettable holiday: journalists, camera crew, photographer - you will remember it for a long time.

And the main thing: more purchases - more chances for winning!

Зворотній дзвінок здійснюється тільки на телефони місцевої телефонної мережі.